Daily Bulletin



December 03, 2020

Upcoming Meetings:

There will be a senior Upward Bound meeting on Thursday and Friday at lunch time in the Library classroom. All UB Seniors are encouraged to attend. Bring your lunch.”

Upcoming Events:

If you have received a Santa's workshop application please deliver it to the counseling center by the end of this week. Or if interested in getting an application please stop by the counseling office.

Registration for second semester IDLA classes are now open. If you plan to take classes through IDLA this spring please contact Mrs. Weaver prior to Christmas break to get enrolled. She can be reached at rachel.weaver@kelloggschools.org.

Activity cards are now available in the office. If you have already purchased one, please bring your temporary activity card to the office to trade for your new one. If you would like to purchase one, please stop by the office before school, lunch or after school $30.