~ Opening Doors to the Future.

Kellogg High School will provide the best education possible to prepare students for the complexities of adult life by creating a community of knowledgeable students who respect themselves and others and who accept responsibility for their actions and learning in the world and community in which they live.


– KHS believes . . .

  • Students have the right and responsibility to learn.
  • All students can learn and learning is a life‐long process.
  • Students have the right to learn in a safe and disruption free environment.
  • Students have the right to answer and ask suitable questions.
  • Students have the right to have lessons that are relevant and that prepare them for their future as high school students, in post secondary education, work place and as adults.
  • Students have the responsibility to participate in all learning activities and do all assignments as directed by their teachers.
  • The family, community, and school district share a responsibility for the quality education of our youth.
  • Students, families, and the schools shall have high expectations for student success.
  • Teachers inspire learning and guide students in the acquisition of knowledge, skill, and attitudes.
  • Students have the right to expect cleanliness in others both physically and verbally.
  • Students have the responsibility to keep themselves clean, both physically and verbally.