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Soccer 18-19

IML League 6th Place

IML All League

Shae Curran

Taeya Sheppard

IML Coach of the Year

Craig Petersen

Cross Country 18-19

State Qualifier

Jared White

Volleyball 18-19

IML League 3rd Place

District 2nd Place

IML All League

Cierra Brandt

Jaron Figueroa

3A State Qualifier

Boys Basketball 18-19

IML League ? Place

District 1st Place

IML All League

Brennen Atkins

Gavin Luna

Graden Nearing

Football 18-19

IML League 2nd Place

3A State Tournament Participant

IML All League 1st Team


Justin Lehto


Gavin Luna

Justin Lehto

Special Teams

Shea Curran

IML All League 2nd Team


Gavin Luna

Justin Waller

Brandon Miller

Raiden Rickets


Austin Stepro

Judson Hall

Justin Waller

Taylor Bush

KJ Walker

Defensive Player of the Year

Justin Lehto

Wrestling 18-19

3A State Participants

Carter Stepro - 98

Dakota Eixenberger - 106 - 4th Place

Raymond Healy - 113

Ethan Guy - 120 - 6th Place

Cody Sverdsten - 120

Judson Hall - 132 - 5th Place

Austin Manty - 138

Roman Bisaro - 145

Blaine Goodner - 160

Austin Stepro - 160

Carson Hudson - 195

Girls Basketball 18-19

IML League 3rd Place

District 3rd Place

IML All League

Hailey Cheney

Jaron Figueroa

Softball 17-18

IML League 3rd Place

District 4th Place

IML All League Team

Piper Rainio

Rylee Riekena

Baseball 17-18

IML League 4th Place

District 4th Place

Spirit of the Sport Award

Jared White

Girls Golf 17-18

IML League 1st Place

District Champions

Kat Rauenhorst - Season Medalist

Kat Rauenhorst - Dist Medalist

3A State 3rd Place

Kat Rauenhorst - 3rd Place

Boys Golf 17-18

IML League 1st Place

District Champions

Chase Jerome - Season Medalist

Taylor Bush - Dist Medalist

3A State Champions

Chase Jerome - 3rd Place

Tyler Gibbons - 6th Place

Taylor Bush - 7th Place

Cade Finlay - 8th Place

Girls Track 17-18

2nd Place Districts

3A State Participants

Lora Allred- 100M, 200M, 4x200M 4th Place, 4x400M

Sage Bryant- 200M, 400M, 4x200M 4th Place, 4x400M.

Taeya Sheppard- 400m, 4x400M

Angel Beier- Pole vault, 4x400m

Taylor Carlson- 4x200m 4th Place, 4x100m 5th Place, Long Jump

Caitlin Wendt- 4x200m 4th Place, 4x100m 5th Place, Long Jump, Triple Jump

Jaron Figueroa- 4x100 5th Place, 100m hurdles

Courtney Newman- 4x100 5th Place

Katlin Senteney- Discus 4th Place

Shea Curran- Discus 6th Place

Karmyn Dehart- High Jump

Boys Track 17-18

4th Place District

3A State Participants

Ethan Keele- 400m, 4x400m

Garrett Miller- 800m, Sprint Medley 6th Place

Kale Blalack- 4x200 6th Place, 4x400, Sprint Medley 6th Place

Wolfgang Beier- 4x200 6th Place, 4x400, Sprint Medley 6th Place

Weston Stevenson- 4x200 6th Place, Sprint Medley 6th Place

Jacob Crawford- 4x200 6th Place, 4x400

Tristan Carman- High Jump 2nd Place, Triple Jump

Jacob Hammerberg- Shot Put 2nd Place, Discus