Activities and Clubs

Being involved in school clubs and organizations can be one of the most memorable and enjoyable ingredients of the high school experience. Many former students look back over the years to realize that, because of their involvements in co-curricular activities, the high school years had become some of their most precious.

Don’t have regrets years from now…get involved…"CARPE DIEM" (Seize the Day)!

(Below you will find a short description of most of the organizations offered at KHS. If you want to know more, contact the advisor who is listed or inquire at the principal’s or counselor’s office.)


Student Government consists of an Associated Student Body President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms and two Council Persons-at-large. These officers, elected each spring, along with each of the four class presidents, make up the executive council. The student council is comprised of an elected representative from each homeroom. You can get involved with student government by campaigning for the vote of your peers to become a homeroom representative or an executive council officer.

Advisor: Ms. Kelton Enich

ASB 17-18

President- Rylee Riekena

Vice Pres- Kat Rauenhorst

Sec.-Tyler Oertli


President-Sierra Rice

Vice Pres-Kassidee Wood

Sec/Tres-Maddie Bush


President- Jaymee Sheppard

Vice Pres- Madyson Umphenour

Sec.- Karli Jefferies

Sgt- Shaelyn Durham


Pres- Jaron Figueroa

Vice Pres- Erin VanHoose

Sec- Chloe Wilbur


Sergeant at Arms - Madison Burns

Secretary/Treasurer - Kaitlyn Williams

Vice President - Izy Seatz

President - Sierra Keele


A prestigious national organization of student recognition dedicated to the ideals of scholarship, character service, and leadership. Membership is an honor, commitment and responsibility. The purpose of the Kellogg High School Chapter is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership, and encourage the development of character. Members sponsor and conduct the annual Honor Society Awards Assembly and Induction Ceremony. In order to qualify, students must apply and be at least a sophomore, in attendance at least one semester, be more than six months away from graduation, and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.3. Qualified students are selected for NHS membership by a majority vote of the faculty council on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service and character.


Mr & Mrs Roberts

2017-2018 Officers:

President: Logan Jacobson

Vice President: Ryan Morgan

Secretary: Rylee Riekena

Sgt. at Arms: Ashley Christmann

Community Service Chairman: Jesus Beltran-Chavez


Pep Club is open to all students for the promotion of school spirit at games.



Kellogg High School is proud to host one of the few Junior Reserve Officer Training programs for high school students in the state of Idaho. The main tenants of the ROTC program are leadership, discipline, and responsibility. Students incur no military obligation upon completion and can earn credits for P.E. or electives in addition to becoming better citizens. Extra-curricular activities offered by the program are Rifle Team, Physical Fitness Team and Drill Team. (Advisors: Major Petersen & Sergeant Major Smith).

The program was awarded the prestigious Naval Honor School distinction for the 2014-15 school year. Cadet leadership for 2017-18 are:

CO- C/Major Joseph Gibbs

XO- C/Capt Shea Curran

1stSgt- C/1stSgt Mathias Benson

1stLt- Zach Bergem

2ndLt- Jared White

KHS United

Information to follow soon.

Advisor: Ms Ramirez


Athletes need to be concerned with the IHSAA rule concerning eligibility:

"To be academically eligible for athletics, a student must be enrolled full-time and have received 24 passing grades and earn credits in at least five (5) * full-credit subjects, or the equivalency, in the previous semester or grading period for which credit is granted."

Note: This does not apply to incoming freshman of the fall semester only. * Also, students who are teachers’ aides and office aides need to be aware that they will only earn ½ of a credit.

Cheerleading (Coach: Ms. Lewis/person to contact at KHS: Mr. LaFountaine)

Football (Coach: Mr. Lucier)

Volleyball (Coach: Mrs. Yrjana)

Cross country (Coach: Sgt Maj Smith)

Soccer (Coach: Maj Petersen))

Basketball (Girl’s Coach: Ms. Jana Nearing/person to contact at KHS: Mr. LaFountaine)

Boy’s Coach: Mr. Nearing/ person to contact at KHS: Mr. LaFountaine)

Wrestling (Coach: Mr. Scott Miller /person to contact at KHS: Mr. LaFountaine)

Baseball (Coach: Ed Chilgren/person to contact at KHS: Mr. LaFountaine )

Softball (Coach: Mr. Turbak /person to contact at KHS: Mr. LaFountaine)

Track (Coach: Mr. Hoxie)

Golf (Coach: Simon Miller/ person to contact at KHS: Mr. LaFountaine)