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Curt-Randall Bayer, Principal

Lisa Cheney, Activities Director


The basketball games with CDA Charter have been rescheduled for Feb 2 and 8.

Feb 2 @ KHS 
JV Girls vs Charter at 6:00
V Girls vs Charter at 7:30

Feb 8 @ KHS
JV Boys vs Charter 6:00
V Boys vs Charter 7:30

The wrestling match in Bonners Ferry that got cancelled is rescheduled for Friday Feb 3 @ 3:00 in Bonners.  


Kellogg schools are closed today (Thursday, 1/19) due to icy road conditions. All basketball games and the wrestling match are cancelled for today. We will work to reschedule them. 


Home Basketball Games for 1-17-17 Have Been Cancelled 


Semester 1 Final Exam Schedule

January 25

Period 1 8:10 - 9:40 Test

Break     9:40 -10:00

Period 2 10:00 - 10:20

Period 3 10:25 - 11:55 Test

Period 4 12:00 - 12:25

Lunch    12:25 - 12:55

Period 5 1:00 - 1:20

Period 6 1:25 - 1:50

Period 7 1:55 - 2:20  

January 26

Period 1 8:10 -8:25

Period 2 8:30-10:00 Test

Break      10:00 - 10:10

Period 3 10:15-10:40

Period 4 10:45 - 12:15 Test

Lunch 12:15 - 12:45

Period 5 12:50 - 1:15

Period 6 1:20- 2:50 Test

Period 7 2:55 - 3:15  

January 27

Period 1 8:10 - 8:20

Period 2 8:30 - 8:45

Period 3 8:50 - 9:05

Period 4 9:10 - 9:25

Period 5 9:30 - 11:00 Test

Period 6 11:05 - 11:15

Lunch 11:15 - 11:45

Period 7 11:50 - 1:20  Test


ATTENDANCE WAIVER INFORMATION: The attendance waiver process will start on January 12th with students who are over their 9 days coming into the main office & picking up their attendance waiver form. It is their responsibility to take the form to the classes that they are over their 9 days in to get the teacher signature.

The students are responsible to get the form back to the office by January 17th so that we can review to see if they need to proceed to the next step. If they do not complete this process, they will not go to the next step.

If a student is over 9 days of non-waived absences, they will then need to set up an attendance waiver meeting with the office.

Attendance waiver meetings will be after school on Jan. 24-26. Those teachers of record are expected to attend these meetings.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask Mrs. Margason in the KHS office.


Dear Junior Parents:

The Class of 2018 has the opportunity to take the ACT test on Saturday, February 11 at no cost to them.  The cost will be paid for by the Gear Up program.  Almost every junior student has created an ACT account.  On Monday, I will be giving them a voucher to pay for the cost of the ACT test, which is normally $39.50.  After they submit the voucher number, they will be registered to take the test.  They will print off their admission ticket at school.

If your student is involved in athletics, there is no athletic event that conflicts with the ACT test on February 11.  The students report to Kellogg High School no later than 8 a.m. and will be at the school until around noon.

I would encourage you to talk to your student about taking the ACT test. There are a few reasons I recommend taking this test.

1.       It fulfills a graduation requirement.

2.       Often students score better on the ACT than on the SAT test.  The SAT test will also be provided to all juniors on April 11 at Kellogg High School, during the school day.

3.       If your student plans on taking a dual credit class next year, these test scores can provide scores to determine if they can get into an English or Math dual credit class next year.

4.       High ACT scores can help earn more college scholarship money.  Because of the Gear Up funding, juniors can take the ACT test this spring, and again next fall as a senior at no cost to them.  And typically, scores improve the second time students take the test.

5.       Some colleges require a certain score on the ACT or SAT test to get into college.  The more times students take the ACT or SAT test, the better chance they have of getting a higher score.


Students have been emailed a booklet to help them prepare for the ACT test.

On test day, students need to bring the following items:

*Admission Ticket

*Picture ID  (Driver’s License, School Activity Card or other form of photo identification).

*#2 pencils and good eraser

*A calculator

*A watch to pace themselves (no smart watches or fitness bands with a watch).

*Snacks to eat outside of the test room during break



I would like to make it clear that the students are not required to take the ACT test.  They are required to take a standardized college entrance exam in order to graduate.  The ACT test fulfills that obligation.  They do not have to get a certain score on the ACT or SAT tests, but the better they do on their tests the spring of their junior year, the better chance they will have to get in colleges they want, or college classes they would like to take.  But I do highly encourage the students to take this test as a means of preparing for high school graduation, and their life beyond high school.

If they are planning on taking the test on February 11, please help them remember to get the morning off of work if they typically work on Saturdays. 

Also, if they have a conflict on February 11, they can take the test on Saturday, April 8 at Lake City High School.  They would have to provide their own transportation to Coeur d’Alene in order to take this test.  If they sign up for this date when they submit their registration, there is no cost to take the April 8 test.  If they register to take the February 11 test, then find out they have a conflict and would like to take the test on April 8, there will be a $25 fee to change the date of the test.

If you have any questions about the ACT test, please email me at carol.roberts@kelloggschools.org or call the high school at 784-1371. 



Carol Roberts

Gear Up Site Coordinator


Open Opportunities for Students

High School to College Paid STEM Internship:

The Idaho STEM Action Center and Idaho INBRE are offering 10-week trainee positions for graduating high school students interested in STEM fields. The program pays each awarded to student to work full-time in an established faculty laboratory for the summer. In addition to doing guided research, students will attend professional development and scientific seminar presentations and will prepare a poster highlighting their work to be presented at the 2017 Idaho INBRE Summer Research Conference.


Registration for Continuing Dual Credit Students opens on Friday 11/4. Any student who has not met with Ms. Johnson must do so before registering for spring classes. Students must register themselves online through their MyNIC portal. 

New Dual Credit Students must meet with Ms. Johnson prior to enrolling in Dual Credit Courses. Registration begins November 14


NOTICE TO PARENTS/STUDENTS ABOUT ACADEMIC SUPPORT TIME:  In our constant efforts to have academically successful students, we may request that the student remain in a classroom during lunch time with their teacher or with our support staff.  The purpose of this time will be for completing assignments and receiving additional assistance.  This academic support time is not optional for students.  If the student fails to report for this time, it may become a discipline issue in which he/she is required to attend lunch detention or in-school suspension.

In addition to this, teachers are also providing time before or after school or at lunch on a pre scheduled basis as well as the use of homeroom time to help our students achieve success.  Please feel free to contact the teacher, counselor or principal if you have any questions.


Link for master schedule

Link for course descriptions

If you have question please direct them to Ms. Johnson.

We are very proud of our KHS ROTC program.  Check out the following link.



Sponsored by the Idaho State Board of Education, and paid for by a College Access Challenge Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Next Steps Idaho is a statewide initiative designed to get Idaho’s students ready for life after high school, and in the process, help to meet the state’s goal of having 60% of Idahoans ages 25-34 possessing a degree or certificate by 2020.  It is a good website for KHS students and parents to explore.



KHS Senior Project Website has information regarding the requirements of the KHS Senior Project. You will find due dates for the various project components, a documents page that includes the grading rubric, student handbook, and research paper requirements, and an FAQ page.  Find it all here: https://sites.google.com/a/kelloggschools.org/kellogg-high-school-senior-projects/documents


We are excited to announce that Kellogg High School is partnering with the Idaho PTECH Network.

The Idaho PTECH Network is a partnership between industry, high schools and community colleges that prepares students for careers in Idaho’s high growth industries, including aerospace/ advanced manufacturing, technology and healthcare.  As a PTECH school, we are proud to have several students going through the first year of the program.

 PTECH students work directly with a PTECH Coach who guides students through careful selection of high school courses, online college courses taken while in high school, community college degree and certificate programs, and job shadows or internships.  And the best part is, students earn associates degrees or industry-approved credentials at community colleges at no cost to them or their parents.  Even the use of textbooks and a laptop are free!

 The program is funded by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation and is currently in its beta year with more than 150 juniors and seniors from six participating Idaho high schools.

 For more information or to get involved, please contact Molly Huckaby, Direct of School Services at (208) 290- 8399 (molly@idahoptech.org) or visit www.IdahoPTECH.org.


KHS Library Media Center

KHS Media Center has an online catalog.  This is a great change for the way we can offer services to our patrons.  Through our new website you can search for library materials at home on your home computer, laptop or smartphone.  Our automated card catalog is located on all KHS Media Center computer stations, and is readily available by opening the Google Chrome feature.   Because the website and catalog all work from the same source, looking for materials and status is as easy as can be.  Included in this new program are many different sources for a reader to look through our Media Center collection.  The URL for this new and advanced feature of the Media Center is as follows:  khs.ksd.kari.opalsinfo.net/bin/home.

Please visit the link and explore what all your KHS Library has to offer!


Impact Baseline Test for KHS Football/Soccer

Post Injury Test KHS Athletics

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