#2 Jacobs Gulch

Kellogg ID 83837

208-784-1371 (Phone)

208-783-0741 (Fax)

Curt-Randall Bayer, Principal

Lisa Cheney, Activities Director



Tuesday June 7

1st 8:10-8:30

2nd 8:35-10:05 (test)

Break 10:05-10:15

3rd 10:15-10:40

4th 10:45-12:15 (test)

Lunch 12:15-12:45

5th 12:50-1:15

6th 1:20-2:50 (test)

7th 2:55-3:20


Wednesday June 8

1st 8:10-9:40 (test)

Break 9:40-9:55

2nd 9:55-10:20

3rd 10:25-11:55 (test)

4th 12:00-12:25

Lunch 12:25-12:55

5th 1:00-1:20

6th 1:25-1:50

7th 1:55-2:20


Thursday June 9

1st 8:10-8:40

2nd 8:45-9:15

3rd 9:20-9:45

Brak 9:50-10:00

4th 10:05-10:30

5th 10:35-12:05 (test)

Lunch 12:05-12:40

6th 12:45-1:15

Homeroom Locker Clean Out 1:20-1:45

7th 1:50-3:20 (test)

Friday June 10

Make-Ups for Finals

1st 8:10-8:45

2nd 8:50-9:25

3rd 9:30-10:05

Break 10:05-10:15

4th 10:15-10:50

5th 10:55-11:30

6th 11:35-12:10

Lunch 12:10-12:40

7th 12:45-1:20


There will be a Junior Parent meeting on Wednesday, June 1 in the KHS Media Center at 6 p.m.

Topics of discussion include:
*  Senior Project information and possible changes
*  Change in FAFSA application date to October, and how this pertains to students applying to college.
*  Understanding how the GEAR UP scholarship works, and how you apply for it.
*  Discussion about fund-raising activities for the Senior All-Night party that can be done over the summer.


We would like to thank Ms. Gauvin and those that loaned dresses for our prom. The dresses need to be picked up by this Friday (5-27) or they will be donated.


COURSE REGISTRATION FOR FALL 2016: We are beginning the process for fall registration. Please read the following information.
Here is the lineup of Registration Information...........

May 13th: Homeroom (Registration Paperwork handed out)
May 20th: Registration Paperwork DUE **
May 23rd: Registration Groups 1 & 2 ONLY (3, 6)
May 24th: Registration Groups 3 & 4 ONLY (1, 4)

May 16th: Homeroom (Registration Paperwork handed out)
May 23rd: Registration Paperwork DUE **
May 26th: Registration ALL GROUPS (3, 4, 5, 6)

May 17th: Homeroom (Registration Paperwork handed out)
May 24th: Registration Paperwork DUE **
May 27th: Registration Groups 1 & 2 ONLY (3, 6)

**The process for collecting paperwork has changed from last year and there will no longer be just a box they drop their paperwork into. They will need to personally hand their paperwork to Heather (1st choice), Elana, or Carol. We will be having students sign off once they turn in their documents*

Link for master schedule

Link for course descriptions

If you have question please direct them to Ms. Johnson.

We are very proud of our KHS ROTC program.  Check out the following link.





If you have applied for college, be sure to keep an eye on your mailbox. You will be receiving a letter with any next steps, Student ID numbers, etc. from the institution you have applied.


Need transcripts sent to colleges or the military? Do you need official transcripts for scholarships? Go to the Counseling Center and pick up the form that will give us permission to release your records (must be signed by a parent if under 18). ** Please allow 3 days to pick up your needed transcripts.


Do you need help with college applications, the FAFSA, local/national scholarships, ACT/SAT prep, and more? Please visit the Counseling Center. We are here to help you!


Scholarship applications and information can be found on the Counseling Center’s website. The website is updated frequently so check back often for new scholarship opportunities. http://khscc.kelloggschools.org/resources/scholarships

Upcoming Scholarship Deadlines:

3/10 - Shoshone County Democratic Central Committee

3/11 – North Idaho Fair

3/15 – Alois and Marie Goldmann

3/21 – Idaho Space Grant

3/31 – Far West Agribusiness

3/31 – Buckle Up For Bobby

3/31 – Marsden


Scholarship tips: *Type your applications if at all possible!

*Submit Scholarship with report cover

*Submit scholarship in folder or manila envelope

*Many local scholarships are due in April. Start working on applications now!

*Ms. Johnson is in the library every Tuesday and Thursday during homeroom for scholarship help. 


Make sure that you are working on your hours for your Senior Project. If you have questions/concerns, please get ahold of Ms. Ramirez.


It’s not too late to file for the FAFSA! Remember: It’s first come first serve so file as soon as possible.

·       To begin: You AND your parents file  for a FSA ID at: https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm

·       Next: Apply for the FAFSA at https://fafsa.gov/



2015-2016 Semester 2 Bell Schedule


Zero Period 7:00 - 7:45

Warning Bell        8:05

Period 1 8:10 - 9:00

Period 2 9:04 - 9:52

Break 9:52 - 10:02

Homeroom 10:02-10:32

Period 3 10:36 - 11:24

Period 4 11:28 - 12:12

Lunch 12:12 - 12:42

Period 5 12:48 - 1:36

Period 6 1:40 -  2:28

Period 7 2:32 - 3:20

*Students are responsible for being aware of any schedule changes.

Wednesday bell times will not change.


Sponsored by the Idaho State Board of Education, and paid for by a College Access Challenge Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Next Steps Idaho is a statewide initiative designed to get Idaho’s students ready for life after high school, and in the process, help to meet the state’s goal of having 60% of Idahoans ages 25-34 possessing a degree or certificate by 2020.  It is a good website for KHS students and parents to explore.




The following link will take you to the Master Schedule/Registration Information and the Course Catalog 


DRAFT 16-17 Master Schedule


KHS Senior Project Website has information regarding the requirements of the KHS Senior Project. You will find due dates for the various project components, a documents page that includes the grading rubric, student handbook, and research paper requirements, and an FAQ page.  Find it all here: https://sites.google.com/a/kelloggschools.org/kellogg-high-school-senior-projects/documents


We are excited to announce that Kellogg High School is partnering with the Idaho PTECH Network.

The Idaho PTECH Network is a partnership between industry, high schools and community colleges that prepares students for careers in Idaho’s high growth industries, including aerospace/ advanced manufacturing, technology and healthcare.  As a PTECH school, we are proud to have several students going through the first year of the program.

 PTECH students work directly with a PTECH Coach who guides students through careful selection of high school courses, online college courses taken while in high school, community college degree and certificate programs, and job shadows or internships.  And the best part is, students earn associates degrees or industry-approved credentials at community colleges at no cost to them or their parents.  Even the use of textbooks and a laptop are free!

 The program is funded by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation and is currently in its beta year with more than 150 juniors and seniors from six participating Idaho high schools.

 For more information or to get involved, please contact Molly Huckaby, Direct of School Services at (208) 290- 8399 (molly@idahoptech.org) or visit www.IdahoPTECH.org.


KHS Library Media Center

KHS Media Center has a brand new online catalog.  This is a dramatic change for the way we can offer services to our patrons.  Through our new website you can search for library materials at home on your home computer, laptop or smartphone.  Our automated card catalog is located on all KHS Media Center computer stations, and is readily available by opening the Google Chrome feature.   Because the website and catalog all work from the same source, looking for materials and status is as easy as can be.  Included in this new program are many different sources for a reader to look through our Media Center collection.  The URL for this new and advanced feature of the Media Center is as follows:  khs.ksd.kari.opalsinfo.net/bin/home.

Please visit the link and explore what all your KHS Library has to offer!


Impact Baseline Test for KHS Football/Soccer

Post Injury Test KHS Athletics

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