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Kellogg ID 83837

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Curt-Randall Bayer, Principal

Dick Schreiber, Activities Director


Registration for 2015-2016 is fast approaching. Registration dates/times are listed below. Your son/daughter may register AFTER but NOT before his/her registration time. There are no exceptions!  

Your son/daughter will only register on his/her time/date IF he/she submitted ALL paperwork to the Counseling Center by the due date. If your son/daughter failed to turn in their paperwork on time but still submitted it prior to the end of the school year he/she may register on the make-up day. If your son/daughter did NOT turn in any paperwork or failed to have their paperwork signed then the Counseling Center will be registering him/her AFTER ALL other students have registered. No exceptions! 

NO student will be permitted to register if they did not turn in paperwork (signed) by the due date. No exceptions! 

Senior Registration:                                       (Last name begins with)
Group D: A, B, S, Q, UAug 19th @ 8am
Group A: J, L, M. P, RAug 19th @ 10 am
Group B: C, H, W, I, VAug 19th @ 12pm
Group D: D, E, F, G, K, N, O, TAug 19th @ 2pm

Junior Registration:             (Last name begins with)
Group D: A, F, G, H, R, Y, VAug 20th 8 am
Group A: B, C, J, Q, KAug 20th 9:30 am
Group B: M, S, T, P, IAug 20th 11:00 am
Group C: D, E, L, N, O, WAug 20th 12:30 pm

Sophomore Registration:                         (Last name begins with)Date/Time
Group D: M, O, U, CAug 21st 8 am
Group A: E, G, Z, V, Y, K, L, P, N, T, J, IAug 21st 9:15 am
Group B:  Q, B, H, SAug 21st 10:30 am
Group C: F, A, W, D, X, RAug 21st 12 pm

Incoming Freshman: 

August 24th:

8:00 am: Last name beginning with o, u, d, q, k, w, g, y, e, h ,b
9:15 am: Las name beginning with x, t,r, p
10:30 am: Last name beginning with c, z, n, s, l
12:00 pm: Last name beginning with f, v, j, a, i, m 

Late Registration 
August 26th (Seniors = 8 am, Juniors = 9:15 am, Sophomores = 10:30, Freshman = 12:00 pm)


Sport Physicals are Tuesday August 4 at Mountain Health,  Start at 8:30 am, end at 10:00.

  $30.00 cash or check, no Debit or Credit Cards

First Day of Football and Soccer Practice is Monday August 10

First Day of Volleyball and Cross Country practice is Friday August 14 or Monday August 17, depending on what the coaches decide.  

First home Soccer match is 8-26-15
First home Football game is 8-28-15
First home VB match is 9-17-15
First home X-C meet is 10-15-15

To try out athletes need:
  1. A current Physical
  2. Proof of health insurance
  3. Signed Athletic Code
  4. Completed Purple Card (Consent for emergency treatment)

To participate in a game or travel the athletes need:
  5. ASB Card $30.00
  6.  Pay Transportaion Fee of $30.00


Horatio Alger Scholarship $$$$$

Attention Seniors in the Class of 2015 who are attending the University of Idaho or Lewis-Clark State College.

Our application numbers this year for Idaho were extremely low and we still have 10 scholarships to award to students who will be attending the University of Idaho or Lewis-Clark State College this fall.

 Due to the low application numbers, we have re-opened the application and it is our hope that you can encourage students who may be eligible to complete their application.

 The total amount of this award is $7,000. This year, the University of Idaho will provide an additional $7,000 in financial assistance to students who receive this scholarship which will make the total award $14,000 for students attending the University of Idaho.


How to apply: Visit application.horatioalger.org


Use the access code: h@@U!D358


Deadline: Thursday, June 18, 2015

For any questions regarding the Horatio Alger Idaho Scholarship, please email scholarships@horatioalger.org.


KHS Senior Project Website has information regarding the requirements of the KHS Senior Project. You will find due dates for the various project components, a documents page that includes the grading rubric, student handbook, and research paper requirements, and an FAQ page.  Find it all here: https://sites.google.com/a/kelloggschools.org/kellogg-high-school-senior-projects/documents


We are excited to announce that Kellogg High School is partnering with the Idaho PTECH Network.

The Idaho PTECH Network is a partnership between industry, high schools and community colleges that prepares students for careers in Idaho’s high growth industries, including aerospace/ advanced manufacturing, technology and healthcare.  As a PTECH school, we are proud to have several students going through the first year of the program.

 PTECH students work directly with a PTECH Coach who guides students through careful selection of high school courses, online college courses taken while in high school, community college degree and certificate programs, and job shadows or internships.  And the best part is, students earn associates degrees or industry-approved credentials at community colleges at no cost to them or their parents.  Even the use of textbooks and a laptop are free!

 The program is funded by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation and is currently in its beta year with more than 150 juniors and seniors from six participating Idaho high schools.

 For more information or to get involved, please contact Molly Huckaby, Direct of School Services at (208) 290- 8399 (molly@idahoptech.org) or visit www.IdahoPTECH.org.


KHS Library Media Center

KHS Media Center has a brand new online catalog.  This is a dramatic change for the way we can offer services to our patrons.  Through our new website you can search for library materials at home on your home computer, laptop or smartphone.  Our automated card catalog is located on all KHS Media Center computer stations, and is readily available by opening the Google Chrome feature.   Because the website and catalog all work from the same source, looking for materials and status is as easy as can be.  Included in this new program are many different sources for a reader to look through our Media Center collection.  The URL for this new and advanced feature of the Media Center is as follows:  khs.ksd.kari.opalsinfo.net/bin/home.

Please visit the link and explore what all your KHS Library has to offer!


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Post Injury Test KHS Athletics

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